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Well, I can answer asterion at least. BCC stands for "blind carbon copy", and it's one of the address options on an email. You address a message "To" one or more people, and you can also put addresses in the CC (carbon copy) field. All recipients will see the names of the other people that get a copy.

But if you want to send a message to someobody and also send it to somebody else but without the recipient knowing that it's going to that other person, you would use BCC.

Similarly, you can use it, as I am doing, to send out a group email to a load of people, none of whom can see who else it is going to, by sending it to yourself and putting all the other addresses in the BCC field.

(Don't worry, I'm not sending spam - I'm off on a big trip at the weekend and will be sending email newsletters from time to time, but various people wouldn't want their addresses broadcast to all my other friends)