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Originally Posted by Thing Fish View Post
I'm not trying to convince you to support him -- I'm not an enthusiast myself. Just saying that I don't see any particular reason to assume that he's going to "fade" in the short to medium term.
I'd turn that around. What reason is there to think he won't fade?

What are his positions that stand out from the crowd? By positions he's a middle of the road pragmatic liberal. That won't make the strong progressives happy (many of them like you will not want to support someone who says that single payer will be a process, for example). Which of the other groups are probable to gravitate to him and why?

His support is not based on agreeing with his positions very much and not based on thinking he is the most electable or thinking he is the most qualified and skilled for the job. Nor is he exciting. I'm thinking you need at least one of those to not fade.

But I have been surprised by his getting up this high so I am open to being surprised as the process unfurls!