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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
His support is not based on agreeing with his positions very much and not based on thinking he is the most electable or thinking he is the most qualified and skilled for the job. Nor is he exciting. I'm thinking you need at least one of those to not fade.
I think electability has everything to do with it, from a standpoint of risk aversion. His presence is like a prospective safety valve amidst those candidates who are inherently seriously flawed or are presently campaigning with rhetoric that won't translate well to some swing states in the general. Certainly he isn't all that safe looking in the grand scheme of things. Imagine if a fortune teller had told you 4 years ago Donald Trump would become the Republican president in 2016 and his most electable 2020 challenger with Hillary being out of the picture would be a gay mayor of a town in his 30s who isn't too popular among blacks with the last name Buttigieg. Relative to the others, it is looking like a possibility.

O'Rourke could in theory be occupying that space, so we'll see if he rebounds (as much as his style clashes with my personal sensibilities). Do you think O'Rourke is that much more exciting that he is not similarly (likely) destined to fade?