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On the "alpha male" front*, did anyone see Jay Inslee on Bill Maher last night? I had already been kind of impressed by him, but while I thought he was a good, classic-style politician, I had previously taken him to not be really physically imposing or anything. I guess I had just seen him already seated at the MTP table or that kind of thing? Because when he strode out on stage, I was like "whoa". Not just tall, but athletic-looking. I couldn't find anything on Google about his height, but I did discover he was the quarterback of his high school football team, and was also a basketball standout who played in Obama's notoriously competitive "pickup" game. That really does give him some extra juice, and he should try to show off that physicality when possible.

*Which I want to note makes me queasy, but which I also acknowledge may be a queasiness we all have to just suck it up and deal with to handle the clear and present danger in the WH.
Some people on TV are nice to look at.