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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
I think a lot of Democratic primary voters went with Clinton because they believed her to be more electable than Sanders. They may or may not have been right, but it turns out that, in any event, she wasn't electable enough. In any event, though, level of support in a primary is not the same thing as level of support in a general election.
Probably true, but immaterial in this case: my post is a response to Happy Lendervedder's note that s/he encountered many union members who loved Sanders back in 2016. Clearly those folks are not going to be voting for Clinton in a primary. I'm just saying there weren't enough of them in the key Midwestern states to give Sanders much traction; he did much better in several other parts of the country with different demographics. It's hard to square these results with the notion that Sanders had huge and enthusiastic support among the union rank and file in these states.