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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
This is complete nonsense. IIRC the right-wing Doper S___ posted this view several years ago. Is this some right-wing meme?

The wrongness is shown by the following: SocSec is a giant transfer program; huge money must be taken in to pay the checks out. Yet your call appears to be for a reduction in the funds input to SocSec. Rather the opposite of what's needed for fiscal health.
I'm not right wing.

What is the Trust Fund for? Until 1981 it was a surplus used to cover shortfalls. Since 1983, it has been an ever growing rainy day fund. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. Any time the SSA says that we might need to use it, congress cuts benefits or threatens to. Why did Reagan increase the FICA tax we all pay? Why did we build a $3T surplus if we aren't allowed to use it. This ever growing surplus is bad policy. Bad policy should be corrected.