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I hated this episode. Kara isn't (or shouldn't be) stupid. She's 20 years younger than Jimmy Olsen and completely unrelated to him. He's a grown-up man and it's condescending (with a vaguely racist subtext) for her to be telling him what he can and cannot do with his life.

I still hate Himbo Mon-El (and...why is he called "Mon-El"? His name is Lar Gand and was only named Mon-El because of a convenient '60s bonk-on-the-head=amnesia plot contrived to make Superboy think Lar was his older brother. So why's he called it here?

I agree with Terminus's comment about the J'onn/M'gan thing--it was crammed in and the build up took longer than the actual event.

I dunno--to me, this episode was utter crap.

PS: What's wrong with Alex? Vegan ice cream is probably made of tofu and not inherently disgusting. They should have said "Vegan Turkey" or some such.