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S02E11: The Martian Chronicles

Hey, look, it's Agent Vasquez! She was my favorite ascended extra of the first season. She went missing when the show moved to Vancouver. It's great to see her again.

I'm a bit disappointed that Jimmy's broken coffee table wasn't mentioned. (In case you missed it, Vibe and Gypsy smashed it while they were fighting interdimensionally on The Flash.) But since Jimmy Olsen never appeared in this episode, I guess we can be thankful for small favors.

This episode had so much potential with the paranoia of not knowing who was the White Martian amongst them. But then they had to saddle it with so much relationship drama. Kara and Mon-El. Kara and Alex. Alex and Maggie. J'onn and M'gann. Sheesh.

Mon-El makes three out of three that Kara has friendzoned. Is this some sort of pattern?