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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I'm not a huge anime fan, but I do like Attack on Titan, and I realized a big part of that is the music.

The original overarching theme is bold, and an odd amalgam of Japanese and German opera.
The theme from the second half of Season 1 is even grander, I think.

Along those lines, there's the Gunbuster March from what some consider one of the greatest anime scenes ever, and also the Theme of the Undersea Battleship from Super Atragon.

"Akuma to Tenshi no Kiss" ("Devil and Angel Kiss") sung by Kinuko "Priss" Oomori from episode four of the original Bubblegum Crisis gets in my blood... always makes me want to drive faster! That probably has something to do with my memories of that episode. Its plot has nothing to do with the other seven episodes, but has some of the more exciting songs.

I still get a tingle inside when I hear the opening chords of "Asu e Touchdown" ("Touchdown to Tomorrow") from episode three. The first video of the second Hurricane Live! music compilation is a live version!
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