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Unclosable ads in mobile version of site

I recently started using the mobile version of the SDMB, and I'm getting many popup ads that cover a significant fraction of the screen that I can't close. The ads have a nice prominent black X, but when I touch it, that ends up opening brand new tab to whatever the ad site is, not closing the ad. Occasionally, I manage to hit the X exactly just so and the ad closes, but most of the time, I can't do it and have to live with it covering a bunch of screen real estate or I have to refresh the screen and hope I get no ad, or a different ad that doesn't cover so much screen.

I'm wondering if it's a case of "the black X, it does nothing!" with the ads actually being borderline malware.

If it matters, I'm using Chrome on an Android LG G3.

Right now I'm sitting at my desktop and typing this post while looking at the dope on my mobile, but of course since I started typing the ads have gone away and I don't recall which were the worst offenders. The lastest popup ad I saw was for the DC lottery. I saw several of them, and my several attempts to close them all failed but the final one succeeded. Its only blessing was it was a relatively small one, only covering maybe just the bottom 1/4 of the screen or a bit less.