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Originally Posted by QuarkChild View Post
There seems to be two different Dan Savages. I've read two of his books (The Kid and The Commitment). I liked both those books. However, they seem nothing like his columns. His columns are very confrontational and explicit. His books are like, "So then Terry and I had breakfast, and Terry made me delete the next two sentences." There's nothing explicit, and while occasionally the books seem to present an agenda, they aren't nearly as in-your-face. I suspect this might be Terry's influence--maybe Dan is trying to respect Terry's privacy--but for whatever reason, the books seem very toned down, and therefore less entertaining than his columns.

Just my 2 cents.
That's probably correct, since Skipping Toward Gomorrah, which ISN'T about his life with Terry and their son, is closer to the style of "Savage Love".