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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
My niece works for a company like this in Houston. The restaurants are real; you can go into them and sit down and eat a meal in them. Her company makes arrangements with restaurants to act as essentially an independent delivery service. You order a meal, pay by credit card, and a driver (like my niece) picks it up at the restaurant and delivers it to your house.
I think that's completely different from what the OP is talking about.
Originally Posted by witzel View Post
The problem is that the restaurant can't be inspected for cleanliness by the DoH if it doesn't exist. So while you might think you're getting delivery from a regulated restaurant, it's really just someone in an apartment with very likely questionable food handling practices. If these people were up front about it - there are home-chef setups in many cities, presumably given the official okay - then fine, but these are skirting the law.
And the operation in the OP is clearly more complex than a "home-chef setup", given that they're talking about 7,500 meals weekly. I assume the kitchen used by Green Summit is regularly inspected.