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Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
I think that's completely different from what the OP is talking about.
And the operation in the OP is clearly more complex than a "home-chef setup", given that they're talking about 7,500 meals weekly. I assume the kitchen used by Green Summit is regularly inspected.
It is indeed completely different from what the OP was talking about. I was referring to the ones that don't exist at all except in someone's apartment.

I most definitely eat in restaurants with B and C (and "GRADE PENDING") restaurants. The difference is that those restaurants are fined and sometimes shut down for a period of time until they can get their kitchens in order, so at least there's some public good in the system.

There are actual "home chef" operations and the "one kitchen for all our various enterprises" operations (like the OP has access to) that are perfectly fine, because they are up-front about their model. Being transparent means being regulated in some way. When you skirt that, that's at best unfair business practice and at worst begging to make people sick.

Eater NY reported on the activity I was referring to, where a nonexistent business would offer delivery-only -- not even pickup -- because they were in fact cooking out of unlicensed kitchens.