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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
The only way I'd mind if they rebranded themselves is if that made it harder for me to avoid them if I thought their food was crap. Otherwise, branding is just business, and I don't care.

bmoak: Do you care if a dine-in restaurant lies about its history? Like how Einstein Bros Bagels pretends to a history from the 1890s when it was founded in 1990?
Branding is one thing. I wasn't clear in my post, but the OP laid out a situation where the central kitchen is branding itself as multiple restaurants, with my caveat that the central kitchen is branding itself as multiple small mom-and-pop and/or authentic ethnic places when it is the same people making all the food in the same kitchen with the same supplies off the Sysco truck.

I don't think much of places that make up a fake backstory, unless it was done in an obviously tongue-in-cheek manner.