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I started watching wrestling in the early 60s. We got Capitol Wrestling shows in Washington DC. That was Vince McMahon Sr.'s original wrestling promotion that later morphed into the WWWF, then the WWF, and now WWE.

I don't remember the name of a single wrestler from those shows. I didn't see much for a while until we move to Philadelphia and WWWF showed up on UHF. The champion at that time was Pedro Morales, soon defeated by the old stalwart Stan Stasiak with the 'Heart Punch'. Stasiak was just an interim champ for Bruno Sammartino's return. Chief Jay Strongbow, Tony Guerria, were regular 'good guys', and one of my favorites was 'The Unpredictable' Johnny Rodz (he was totally predictable, he lost every match ever shown on TV). One of the 'bad guy' regulars was Baron Sicluna a totally uninteresting character. Occasionally appearing were classic stars like Haystacks Calhoun and Gorilla Monsoon, and Andre the Giant was just hitting the big time after signing up with WWWF. The greatest part of those days were the managers, Freddie Blassie, Lou Albano and the Grand Wizard of Wrestling. The wrestlers usually weren't great on the microphone in those days so the managers would do all the talking. This was the greatest era of wrestling for me.
CWC actually got started (albeit briefly, he died a few years after its formation), by Jess McMahon--Vince Sr's father, along with Toots Mondt.