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Originally Posted by bldysabba View Post
Simply stuffing your deck with rares or legendaries or epics is definitely not a sufficient condition for it being good, but more importantly, I would say it isn't even necessary. The absolute top level decks will obviously need some of the good cards that are rarer, but that is usually a function of the deck philosophy, not the card rarity. A common card can also be really powerful - the Yeti or the Harvest Golem for example are common cards, but are found in many top level decks.
Oh absolutely - you do need a deck that makes sense with synergy between the cards, you need to know what the hell you're doing, and knowing what the hell the other guy is doing is possibly even more important.

But when you've got a working Deck Concept that can work with common card A, it's almost a given that it will work even better with blue or purple card B that does the same thing only better in every way. E.g. you could put a TAZDINGO! in your deck for a decent 4 mana wall, or you could drop a Defender of Argus for two decent walls AND a creature on top of that. You could use the Goblin Rocketeer as your Rogue finisher (with Shadowstep goodness) for 10 points of cool surprise damage by turn 8. Or you could do it with Leeroy for 12 damage, as early as turn 6 (16 on turn 7 with the combo buff on top for maximum shenanigans).

And so on.