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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post

Somebody mentioned this to me today - I hadn't checked on the game in a while. Squadron 42 has been delayed until some time next year (no date), and the team is going to slow its release schedule, possibly only doing quarterly releases.

Any backers have insight about the current state of the alpha?
From your link:
Roberts revealed that the pre-sale of the most recent new ship, the RSI Polaris, resulted in their most successful day of crowdfunding yet. The virtual ship costs $750, and is not yet playable in-game.

The Star Citizen website claims that the game project has raised a total of more than $127 million dollars.
750 bucks for a virtual ship.
For a game that isn't playable yet, and has no projected release date for one small section of it, let alone the whole thing.

edited to add: Perhaps the thread title should be modified to read "Star Citizen is the far, far Future of PC Gaming..."?

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