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People are so damn impatient. I don't know why people are treating this as vaporware. We're regularing seeing new, extended footage with new features all the time. A game like this could easily take 5 or 6 years to develop. It's a huge, ambitious, revolutionary game. It's not a yearly installment of Call of Duty that changed 3 minor things.

It's just that usually when this happens, it's kept quiet until a year or two until it's ready to release. So people aren't used to hearing about a game for 6 years, so they assume that means this one was vaporware. But obviously given the crowd funding and business model, this one couldn't have received 4 years of silent development before announcement.

I don't know why people get so excited for a game that they get angry constantly that it isn't out yet. Just wait until it's released and see then if it's worthwhile.

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