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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
People are so damn impatient. I don't know why people are treating this as vaporware. We're regularing seeing new, extended footage with new features all the time. A game like this could easily take 5 or 6 years to develop. It's a huge, ambitious, revolutionary game. It's not a yearly installment of Call of Duty that changed 3 minor things.
I can totally understand that. What I do not understand is people paying huge amounts of money for it. $750 for a ship? For $750 I want a piece of the action. Stock in the company.

Games take many years and millions to develop and make. But so do movies. I'll pay my money to see the next Batman movie when it's actually a finished product ready for me to enjoy it.

If Star Citizen ever happens, I'll buy it and enjoy it for $60. Until then it is flatly insane to pay hundreds of dollars for "ships" in a game that is not actually a game.

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