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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
Resilience 2
Toughness 21
Without getting into too much math detail, let me just say that
Resilience 4
Toughness 18

is 86 helium cheaper and gives +4.5% or so more health, with no downsides. In practice you'll probably want to go to something like Res 5 Tough 18, at that range toughness should be about 13 points more than Resilience for efficiency.

There are tables on the wiki Perks page with efficient combinations of stats. Your offense looks about right, by the way. Except...

As others have mentioned, your Carpentry is waaay too low. Rule of thumb is to spend half your helium on it, so in this case 17 Carpentry is 7201 helium. You'll have to scale other things back, or perhaps just stop adding to anything else for a few runs to let Carpentry catch up to where it should be. Artisanistry is also 2 or 3 points too low, as is Phermones. I'd also be tempted to add to Agility, but that's more of a quality of life issue.

I agree with others' comments that the last 4 on the list are all too high, two or three fewer points on each of these would be better. Munch, you went too far the other way in my opinion, with 27k helium your numbers for those 4 are instead too low!

I like NewPlayerGuide(Truth) on the wiki for a baseline for perk spending.