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Originally Posted by control-z View Post
Both of those games are excellent. World in Conflict is 10 years old but was a great strategy game, set up like a RTS but with no base building. Black Flag is widely regarded as the best of Asscreed series, I paid $10 for it not long ago and don't regret it a bit.
Hell yeah ! WiC is fantastic. I suppose AirLandBattle does it too these days, but back then it was one of the if not the first RTS to accurately portray just how devastating a hot modern war is. When you get either copious arty support, on-map arty pieces or air strikes, any map looks like the surface of the fricking moon by the end of the mission. Hell, just a tank platoon crossing a suburb, rolling right over cars and gouging the roads with their treads before blowing some occupied house to smithereens in a couple shells is hella impressive to watch. War is hell indeed.

Plus the gameplay is/was right up my alley - I don't like RTSs with billions of unit to mind at the same time OR where each unit has a dozen special abilities to activate. This, however is both limited enough in scope and micro that you're kept busy enough to be engaged but not overwhelmed and can actually spend some time enjoying the huge amount of work they put into the maps (seriously, they're ridiculously detailed up close) or just watching it all go kaboom.

So, very happy about this
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