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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
There's a little over a year and a half until release. Imma wait & see.
Nov. '18?

I'm hoping that when they say you can play with your friends, it means you can choose who jumps in to your game. They did say games with dozens rather than hundreds, at least.

I don't see how, with the base-building, you could possibly have randos coming along and wrecking your shit once you're logged off. Now it would make sense if everybody was a friendly you know and could trust to leave your building intact. Todd did say something odd along the lines of building wherever you want, then taking it with you? Wonder what that means. Maybe when you log off, your base gets "packed up" and disappears?

There was no mention of PvP, did anyone watch closely for friendly fire on the demo? I'd PvP something they'd be likely to mention if it was possible?

I'm not going to be playing this game any time soon, anyway. No time. But I'll be watching it closely for the next year like I did /4. I'm hoping that either the single player experience is worthwhile, or you can lock down your game to only allow in friendlies. Of it's open to anyone I'll not even going to bother.

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