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Originally Posted by madsircool View Post
Was she supposed to wait till the season was over? If she really wanted to screw him she would have filled at the beginning of training camp.
Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
Not really. When would have been a time to file this that couldn't be interpreted that way?
Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Two things though... First, these aren’t old claims. The alleged incidents occurred in 2017 and 2018. It’s not like she is claiming this happened in college. And even if they were old, it’s not unusual for a sexual assault victim to be nervous about reporting a crime. There is still a stigma against victims (which is horrible) and there is shame involved. Plus if you accuse a rich and famous person, they can afford a strong defense and now all of his fans are your enemies.

As far as whether or not filing it now was strategic, I’m sure it was and that was smart. This was filed at a time when everyone has been hearing about how erratic he is. He is particularly vulnerable and you strike when the iron is hot. Also, if you think the timing was meant to hurt him (career-wise) and was vindictive, I’m sure it was. But if I was a sexual assault victim I’d probably be a teeny-tiny but vindictive myself, wouldn’t you?

I don’t think the timing in any way casts doubt on the allegations. The truth about them (whether they happened or not) should be borne out through testimony, evidence, and investigations.
I'm not going to stand here and attack the accuser. This stuff happened a long time ago which doesn't invalidate them of course. However, claims from 1-2 years ago ARE old. It's is of course not uncommon for these things to not make it to the police or courts quickly.

BUT, announcing this right now, at this point in the middle of this giant professional shit-storm he created for himself is weird. Not in the offseason, not while he was on Hard Knocks, not after he "lost" $90M+ from the Raiders, but instead right after he gets bailed out by the Patriots financially with a $15M deal....that's eyebrow raising.

The accuser wants financial compensation, evidenced by the civil court filing and not criminal, and they very publicly announce this suit right when he gets money but before he's able to do something else horrible and lose it again. It's at the very least tactical, which doesn't make for a very sympathetic victim.

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