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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi
Rogers Communications is the owner of the Blue Jays; they are one of the only teams left in MLB owned by a corporation, not principally an individual. They're the largest tech conglomerate in Canada, making literal billions a year. They not only own the team, but own the cable sports empire their games are on. Rogers is, in all likelihood, the richest "owner" in MLB.

The Blue Jays, because of the way this stuff is divvied up, have a broadcast monopoly on the entirety of Canada, a media market roughly equivalent to the entire state of California, and which with the exception of a few little pockets is very, very Blue Jays-supporter-heavy. Imagine if the Dodgers were owned by a company that not only owned their own cable and wireless empire, but was given exclusive broadcast rights to all of California, and the Angels, Padres, Giants and A's didn't exist. That's a gold mine.

Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
If you ask the Los Angeles Dodgers who lost two world series games in Houston by small enough margins that cheating probably mattered, it was a pretty big deal.

Is it as big as throwing the world series so bookies can make more money? The entire black sox team banned for life.

Is this as bad as betting on baseball? a la Pete Rose (who never bet against his own team) banned for life.
Yeah, I wouldn't die on the hill of Pete Rose not betting against his own team. Everything else he's ever claimed was a lie. That's the only one left unanswered. If Pete Rose told me his name was "Pete Rose" I'd start doing some research.

Anyway, no, cheating by stealing signs with electronic devices is not as bad as betting on baseball or throwing games for money. But it's bad, and if this is proven, heads should roll.
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