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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Cheating in advancement of winning is bad, but it is, after all, trying to win.

Gambling on baseball games calls into question whether or not the participants are even trying to win, and therefore bring the entire enterprise into disrepute. That can destroy MLB.

In business terms, gambling is a conflict of interest. The standard penalty for acting in an undeclared conflict of interest in ANY business I have ever been in is you're fired and never welcome back.
When people get the idea that the results have been predetermined and basically scripted to guarantee an outcome, like pro wrestling, they won’t watch.

Unless it really gets to be like pro wrestling.

Mike Trout steps up to the plate and pulls out a microphone, and points at the pitcher’s mound:

“Listen up, Verlander! You think you’re the baddest pitcher in the league? I got news for you, I’ll eat your fastballs for breakfast! It’s Home Run City in Anaheim, Justin-boy! THE TROUT HAS NO DOUBT!!!” *flex*