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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
We aren't discussing a bit of an uptick in offense; moving the mound back three feet DOUBLES scoring, increases the length of a game by an hour or more, and would mean every offensive record in baseball history except for stolen bases and strikeouts would be blown away.
Are those the stats with steroids or without?
Historical consistency of stats has been compromised for a while now.
And lots of hits also means more potential for plays, which could lead to shorter innings. Maybe.

Baseball does not need more scoring. It has lots, and there is no reason to think a lack of scoring is hurting attendance or hurting the game. Baseball could use a better paced game, though, and needs to figure out where the Rays are going to play because St. Petersburg ain't it.
Scoring and offense helps the pace of the game.

I'm not familiar with the problems with St. Petersberg but it seems odd to me that a market like Las Vegas or Charlotte doesn't have a team and Tampa does.