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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
It sounds like memory isnít being released right away, possibly. But if itís really taking 10 minutes thatís extremely bizarre. Iíve supported PCs professionally for 20 years now and Iíve never seen that behavior, which should tell you something. Yes, Iíve seen a machine be sluggish for a bit after running something that takes a lot of system resources but nowhere near that long, not even close to a minute. So something is seriously wrong with your system.
I mean, I suck at telling time so maybe 10 minutes is exaggerated - it seems overly long though. Like, I can go take a comfortable dump with my phone, come back and it'll still be churning.

The issues that I would suspect could lead to something like this would probably also lead to poor performance in the game itself though; are you seeing that?
Not really. Like I said, sometimes there's some hidden loading/swapping that my comp can't *quite* do seamlessly and the games will chug for a few seconds but that's about it. RDR2 is the first game where it happens frequently enough to be noticeable and annoying ; but from what I understand it's a very badly optimized port (also a very demanding game in general).