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The time to reconsider Qatar was when Russia won its bid and some people were rightfully concerned about the optics of two autocratic nightmares in a row getting the world's biggest soccer event. Guys, the warning signs were there from day one. If FIFA didn't give a rip then, I don't see what difference a bit of skulduggery in Iran is going to make. There's going to be beefed up security for certain, and getting to and from the venue is going to be an even bigger hassle than usual, but other than that, I don't see how they can respond other than "the show must go on".

And yeah, there's a good chance there are going to be protests, players are going to be concerned about their safety, and overall it's going to be a highly unpleasant experience for a lot of people. Then again, the World Cup that everyone remembers as a fun, festive, frivolous, carefree, happy-good-times experience was the most hideously and shamelessly rigged one in its history, with the host nations getting a gazillion undeserved calls and at least two nations getting royally screwed, so choose your poison, I guess.

Here's hoping everyone comes out of this alive and whole.

russian heel - I don't think the Olympics are a good counterexample. For the entirety of the Cold War, this was most nakedly corrupt sporting event that's ever existed, so it didn't really matter a damn where it was held. I'd argue that Atlanta was the first non-horrifying one and Sydney was the first actually good one.