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Originally Posted by DKW View Post
If you find getting lost, losing ships, staving off mutiny by an eyelash, running out of food, getting stuck like a pincushion in sword fights, getting creamed in naval battles, getting creamed in land battles, getting rebuffed by snobbish governors' daughters, getting the door slammed in your face by crown-grovelling Spanish merchants, not being able to find the place on the map, having the wind change direction to directly in your face, and retiring as a lowly farm hand for the 500th time fun, more power to you.
I probably wouldn't. But I did enjoy retiring as a governor or duke or one of the other top possibilities. And the moments of stumbling into the Treasure Fleet and taking it out with a sloop, taking advantage of the light winds to out-maneuver the galleons or capturing a Ship of the Line with a pinnace by rushing it and winning the duel (usually with zero men left but you'd recruit enough crew from your victory to form a skeleton crew) or luring Havana's troops into a swamp ambush and decimating their cavalry in the jungles and getting some scrap of paper detailing where your lost sister is with one two square island in a sea of blue and knowing exactly where it was based on the one tree.

I haven't watched videos for any of the other games you listed either since watching other people play games sounds as horribly dull as you seem to find Sid Meier's Pirates! But I'll happily agree that few people probably want to watch my 30 hours of game play to retire in my mansion with one of the prettier governor daughters (I remember being partial to the one with the cat).