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Originally Posted by Hoopy Frood View Post

Also, gaming has not entered mainstream celebrity culture to the level of other media. There are plenty of A-listers involved in the gaming industry, e.g. Kristen Bell. But when most people think of Kristen Bell, I don't think Assassin's Creed is their first thought.
There are a lot of not so young A-Listers involved as well. For fun I wanted to see if I could list 10 A-listers involved in games without the google or thinking to hard.

I came up with:

Quentin Tarantino
Jennifer Aniston
Penn and Teller
Ray Liota
Burt Reynolds
Lynda Carter
Norman Reedus
Bruce Campbell
Katie Perry
Samuel L Jackson
Dennis Hopper

So there's 11 and I can think of more. I added Katie Perry because she didn't just license her songs, she rerecorded them in Simlish for The Sims franchise. Lot's of musicians have done this and while I've heard of many of them none are big enough to stick in my memory. I added the 11th in case you disagree.

I don't know all of these peoples ages but I'd say most of them are in the age group that supposedly stigmatize games.

Most of the people on my list worked on A list games which I assume was for A list money. You won't find them flooding the market because most games can't afford them.