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Corporate suites can be freaking awesome. I've seen one Sounders and a couple of Mariners games courtesy of Microsoft. The spread varied based on the "package", there was always good booze, and sometimes it would just be waitstaff from the high end food place.

But yes, private parking, special elevators, no crowds, is really sweet.

As great as a corporate seat is, I've had awesome in a different way experiences in good and not fantastic seats. The COO of a major computer manufacturer is a big baseball fan. I took him one year in the corporate suite. The next year he was visiting his son in Vancouver and asked if I could arrange a game. The corporate suite wasn't available or didn't have it that year. He didn't care, just wanted to see the game. So, we had seats maybe 20 rows up above the Mariners dugout. He couldn't have been happier, and we had an experience that was at least as good as the hoity toity suite.

The best private booth was at the Hong Kong Rugby 7's circa 2005-2010. That whole event is a Caliglian dystopia, and it's great to be in one of the corporate booths out of the direct craziness. I did all the arrangements for that for about 5 years for Microsoft and participated fully for each one.