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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Currently itís against the rules to send signals electronically. Itís also against the rules for the opponent to use electronic means to intercept and/or relay those signals. Using non-electronic methods of doing either is allowed. If you excuse electronic surveillance to steal signals but not the other way around then youíre giving one side an unfair disadvantage. I think thatís what went over your head here.

To repeat: sending secret signals and intercepting them is allowed. The use of electronics to assist that isnít, on either side. The Astros used cameras to spy and gained an advantage against the rules and again the other side wasnít allowed to use.

Do you now get why this is more than a ďwhole load of nothingĒ?
No, I understand that what they did is technically against the rules but I'm not able to consider it a big deal.

There was an analogous situation in the UK where a football team was sanctioned for spying on their opponents preparations for an upcoming game. I thought the reaction in that case was over the top as well. For some context, that fine is three times the size handed out to Bulgaria as a result of their racist abuse at a recent England game. Glad that football has it's priorities in order.
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