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Originally Posted by Wallaby View Post
Yep - that would be good. Have all-rounders play the game rather than specialists. I want to watch players play all aspects of the game - not just one particular skill. Learn to tackle, rush AND block. Learn to catch AND defend passes.
No one lets the big HR hitters take time off duing the innings when his team are in the field, despite the fact he's a slow, lumbering log who couldn't catch a bus.
Would you like to see a baseball team made up of 9 heavy hitters who bat, and 9 whizz kids in the field? Look - if they're the rules, they're the rules. It's just not how I like to see a game played.

(Correct - I don't like the DH, in case you're wondering. Pitchers have 2 arms - they can swing a bat. And they did without any serious issues for nearly 100 years in pro ball.)
If you want to watch badly-performing athletes, just watch the minor leagues. Or the XFL in a little bit.