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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
Given that you seem to have no respect for your own rule, I am going to give up being bound by it or trying to convince you to hold to it.
Yeah, well, man, that's just like your opinion.

But so, yes, I will concede that if one day the military, the FBI, state and city police, and US government all turned on a dime against the people of the United States of America, and the people all lined up on one side of a very large field and the US military lined up on the opposite side, and the government decided that they didn't mind nuking their own land and killing the people that they hoped to rule over, that the US military would win that battle.

That's not the point of this thread. I've already specified it a few times. But the primary point of this thread is:

If civilian firearm owners are a bulwark against the lost of American rights and freedoms, and would rise up in violence against the government, then where are they?

Even if you accept that the list above isn't so bad, this isn't about you. This is about the statistical number of firearm owners in the USA. Certainly, there must be some percentage who do? Some of the things on that list are really bad. So where are these revolutionaries?

The secondary point is a possible reason, in my opinion, why we don't see any revolutionaries is two-fold. One, the revolutionaries are at home watching TV and eating potato chips. Americans might protest but they will not revolt over the erosion of their rights because they're too comfortable. People revolt when they're starving. Additionally, it is incredibly difficult to nearly impossible to start a revolution. The government is very well equipped to deal with individual and small groups, so the first few people who might want to revolt are going to get crushed. This keeps the civilian gun owners from revolting even if they wanted to, which they clearly don't. The notion that suddenly civilian firearm owners are going to rise up en masse and then defeat the government (which I'm conceding they would) doesn't seem very plausible.

The only realistic scenario I've seen presented that this could happen would be a violent retaliation against protestors, causing them to arm themselves and this spiralling out of control. This works because if you have a large unarmed protest, it can become a large armed protest very quickly giving it that core nucleus to get over that initial hurdle to spark a revolution with sufficient numbers to overthrow the government (which I'm conceding would happen).

So that's the last time I'm going to explain it. I don't do loops online. If you don't get it from this post, then I'm not going to repeat it again.

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