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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
Just flipping around on Steam stupidly looking at more games, instead of playing any of the 25 so in progress ones I already have and can't find enough time for.

Then I came across this.

Not a computer game exactly, but I was surprised when I hit he button to scroll through the DLC out of habit to see what all there was.

There was a lot Can anybody beat a simple "Add all DLC button" worth 16K?
Eh, that's not really fair - the "DLC" is about purchasing RPG campaigns. Like, that app is so complete you don't even really have to purchase the scenario any more.
Also, as a PF DM who tried to not pay that shit ; but still try and do the whole digital battlegrounds thing : their shit saves so, so, SO much time. Like, you have no idea how long it takes to build an encounter on those virtual battlemat things ; it's nuts. So why not just do physical battlemat things ? Well, because the guy who owned all the minis and half the battlemats followed his fucking girlfriend to happily live out permanent joblessness in US America because he's skilled and experienced and not willing to pay for "internship", how 'bout dat ?

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