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Originally Posted by nightshadea View Post
Looks like someone took the idea of gurps and put it online so its allegedly easier to play tho I do wonder if its easier to use than just making a Neverwinter nights module and playing out that way
Nah it's not like that. Each "DLC" is really a scenario or part of a campaign. It contains all you need to play that scenario out : a virtual battlemat ; the stats & visual art of each and every monster ; reminders of all the skill checks ; displayable player aids... it's not a gaming system that can play every story (like GURPS), it's more of an all-included box to let your favourite game play your most favourite scenario and you as a DM barely have to lift a mechanical finger.
Just do that thing you call "roleplaying" where you do the funny racist voices, the app will take care of 70% of the rest.