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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
Why did the paladin interfere in the wedding? Did he have a thing for the bride? Did he have a grudge against the groom? Just wanted to prevent the alliance? What does he need to negotiate with the FiL over?
I wanted an antagonist that wasn't the stock evil baby eater mainly. Hopefully the backstory answers your questions.
Also, not to get into an alignment argument, but "flay her and sell her into slavery" is a pretty evil response for a LN character, particularly over something that she wasn't responsible for - she didn't break the contract, someone else stuck a knife in the other party before the contract could be fulfilled. Unless she was in cahoots with the Paladin all along?
She did want Pharcos to rescue her, mainly because she didn't want to get stuck with an evil 80-year old scumbag, and also because of her daddy issues. I think I'll make the flaying part a falsehood she came up with to keep Pharcos from sending her back.
As for stating out the NPC (which is to say, answering the question you actually asked ) I try not to get too hung up on building NPCs strictly by character creation rules. It's not like the players at your table are going to check your math. Take the cavalier NPC you linked to and swap out the mount powers for something you find more appropriate.
I understand your point, but I've long ago went down this path and can't really undo it. My approach to writing scenarios is to come up with an idea, then do some reverse engineering by searching the Pathfinder SRD. I could easily come up with a generic NPC on the fly if this were 1st edition D&D, but Pathfinder is too oriented towards data crunching. I have to come up with a way to keep the NPC from getting slaughtered outright, and "because I said so" won't fly. The players will want a more detailed explanation because Pathfinder.