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I really like your setting!

Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I wanted an antagonist that wasn't the stock evil baby eater mainly. Hopefully the backstory answers your questions.

She did want Pharcos to rescue her, mainly because she didn't want to get stuck with an evil 80-year old scumbag, and also because of her daddy issues. I think I'll make the flaying part a falsehood she came up with to keep Pharcos from sending her back.
Yeah, that made things clearer. I like the idea that the princess is lying to the paladin about how terrible her dad is - even better is if she's every bit as much of a POS as her dad, just without the power behind it?

I understand your point, but I've long ago went down this path and can't really undo it. My approach to writing scenarios is to come up with an idea, then do some reverse engineering by searching the Pathfinder SRD. I could easily come up with a generic NPC on the fly if this were 1st edition D&D, but Pathfinder is too oriented towards data crunching. I have to come up with a way to keep the NPC from getting slaughtered outright, and "because I said so" won't fly. The players will want a more detailed explanation because Pathfinder.
I didn't mean "on the fly" so much as, "The book says this character only gets four feats at this level, but I'm giving him six, because it makes a more interesting challenge." If your players are actually tracking how many feats an NPC demonstrates, that might not work. (Also, it would explain why it takes four or five sessions to get through a fight! Yow!) So, you could decide that maybe the FiL rose to power by assassinating rivals, and use this efreet-bound elf assassin stat block, except don't call it an elf, and skip any powers that are obviously-derived from elf/genie stuff (like low-light vision), but don't bother re-calculating ability bonuses or skill points.