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Originally Posted by Babale View Post
I've seen plenty of cities for that "nonesense" -- I'd be very interested in a cite for your claim it isn't true.

It came from a Washington Post blog and was repeated as a fact everywhere.
However, it was misleading.
The posting, published on 27 May, claimed that 1,200 people had died in Qatar since 2010 during the construction of the country’s World Cup facilities. And it forecast that 4,000 will die before the country stages the 2022 football competition.

But were the figures in its striking infographic correct? Since it was first published, the blog has been amended. In its latest manifestation, a line has been appended saying:

“This story has been updated to reflect the fact that figures include total migrant worker deaths in Qatar, not just World Cup-related deaths”.

That followed complaints from the Qatar government that the blog was wrong. The figures were estimates for the deaths of Qatar’s total immigrant population (numbering more than 1m) for whatever reasons: old age, diseases, strokes, heart attacks, suicides, road accidents and other accidents.
In other words they listed the deaths of all migrant workers between 2010 an 2015 no matter the cause or location.
So if someone drowned in the Villagio Malls canal , even if they were a 70-year-old retiree, that was co8nted as a "World Cup" related death.