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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
I really like your setting!

Yeah, that made things clearer. I like the idea that the princess is lying to the paladin about how terrible her dad is - even better is if she's every bit as much of a POS as her dad, just without the power behind it?
I told him she was turning out to be pretty high maintenance. She ran up thousands of gold in debt furnishing their mansion, filling out her wardrobe, employing handmaidens, etc. She was trained to be The Lady of the House, and that meant her husband would provide the gold. She also demanded that he send his friends home. So yes, she's an entitled POS. He determined she would no longer be allowed to go outside. Another player suggested salesmen bring their wares to her so she wouldn't get bored and resentful. I commended him for that. Usually the other players would start casting spells and abuse the bothersome NPC.

I didn't mean "on the fly" so much as, "The book says this character only gets four feats at this level, but I'm giving him six, because it makes a more interesting challenge." If your players are actually tracking how many feats an NPC demonstrates, that might not work. (Also, it would explain why it takes four or five sessions to get through a fight! Yow!) So, you could decide that maybe the FiL rose to power by assassinating rivals, and use this efreet-bound elf assassin stat block, except don't call it an elf, and skip any powers that are obviously-derived from elf/genie stuff (like low-light vision), but don't bother re-calculating ability bonuses or skill points.
I do like the idea of having a master and genie, kind of like Alladin. I'm not too good at running assassins however. Even if I get off the sneak attack with the high DC poison, the others player slaughter him instantaneously.

And no, the players don't track the feats of my NPCs, hee hee! No, the reason the combats took so long is because Pathfinder has a lot of moving parts and it was 7 PCs vs 20 NPCs. The groom had dimension door'ed away to bring back a broken soul sun giant. That just scratches the surface.

See, it's more like a complex game of chess between me and the players. I like playing the sneaky and guileful Lex Luthor supervillain with complex traps and fighting tactics. That's why things take so long. I'm trying to figure out how to exploit the rules more than they do. This is what happens when you have plenty of spare time and you Wikishuffle your way through the Pathfinder SRD to GM a bunch of data crunchers. I've got several hundred page documents in my Google Drive and a jungle of hyperlinks. It's a roadmap of my OCD.