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Yet Another Board Game Recommendation: Res Arcana

I know I have posted a few of these in the last few months but I went all in into the hobby last year and I like to share

Res Arcana is what they call an engine building game. You start the game with a small deck of cards (8 total) plus a Semi Random Mage who also has an ability and try to use them to create a system that manipulates five different elements (Life, Death, Fire, Water and Gold -Fire and Water have other names but everyone will end up just calling them Fire and Water). You use these to purchase cards that make points and the first to 10 points wins.

I played it a couple of times and it is a great feeling when you look at what seems to be a pile of cards and the figure out a chain that makes what you need it to to try and win. If you don't like that much luck in your game there is a variant where you daft your 8 cards to help make them more focused.

It has some great looking components and seems to have a lot of replayability (but there is already an expansion available if you want more). Also the games are fast (around 20-30 minutes for 2 players). I liked it and look forward to playing more games.