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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
Hard for me to consider Kobe's death a net loss to humanity. I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to hold raping the hotel housekeeper against a guy, but I'm disinclined to let that go. Personally I am nauseated how willing the general pubic was to let it go as well.
Luckily you are not a Washington Post reporter:
Washington Post journalist [Felicia Sonmez] is suspended after tweeting a link to a 2016 story about Kobe Bryant's rape case just hours after he died in helicopter crash

Here is a list of all the people who died:
Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna
College baseball coach John Altobelli and his wife, Keri, were on board the helicopter with their daughter Alyssa, who played on the same club team as Gianna Bryant.
Christina Mauser, the top assistant coach of the Mamba girls’ basketball team
Ara Zobayan, pilot
Mother and daughter Sarah and Payton Chester