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Given the question isn't about LBJ vs. MJ, but the two eras....

1. I think MJ's title runs were against far, far better competition, both in the Conference Finals and in the Finals.
2. I think LBJ's 2016 title run finished against a team better than any MJ ever faced.
3. I also think that LBJ's era is less individually competitive than MJ's era. LBJ's era spent their teen years in AAU leagues, becoming friends in the process. The players in MJ's era grew up individually, apart from each other, only competing... and meeting... each other in their college and pro years (and in the summer leagues). Point is, LeBron's era, especially since The Decision, is populated by players who frankly wanted to join with their friends and beat on the rest of the NBA. In Jordan's era? Very few came into the league as friends and nobody joined forces.

Advantage: MJ's era.

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