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The argument I made was that Jordanís success in winning 6 titles was heavily dependent on Pippen, coach Jackson and a consistent group of role players behind him. In no way did I suggest that Jordan ONLY won because of them. Clearly they wouldnít have won without him; it would be silly to suggest otherwise. He was by far the best player of his era, in case I didnít make that clear.

LeBron never had a great coach, a consistent #2, or all-time great defenders to help boost his odds of winning more championships. He was stuck in Cleveland, where no one wanted to be, so he had to move. It takes time for a team to gel; you canít throw a bunch of players together and expect them to win right away. That first Bulls championship came after 3 years of that squad being together. You canít under-estimate this.

The idea that Jordan was a materially better player in years 7,8, and 9 versus years 4,5 and 6 cannot be supported by actual evidence.

Basketball is a team sport, and I hope no one thinks that you could have replaced Jordanís sidekicks with any random players and still have had the same success.

Again, go back and look at the hodge podge of neíer-do-well players that LeBron carried on his back to the playoffs and Finals. Fine, we can exclude the 4 years in Miami, since I always have mad respect for DWade. If there is really an example (besides LeBron) of a player putting a team on his back, it was Wade in the playoffs the year they beat Dallas.

There is no evidence that Jordan would have had the same success with LeBronís supporting casts, since he didnít get as far with far superior support.

Being a Nets fan, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Kyrie was a champion only because of LeBron. Sure, he hit some big shots against GSW, but that just shows how much LeBron elevates his teams. Again, look at the teams that LeBron joined, before, during, and after he left. The difference he makes in elevating teams and fellow players is unmatched by anyone ever.
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