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Originally Posted by Pork Rind View Post
I’ve seen and can’t find the more gradual ADSB data, so I posted the FR24 data as an example. In any case, at no point does the helicopter slow to anything close to under a hundred knots during the final turn.

My point is that the earwitness is not reliable. His statement in part is as follows...

“It was almost directly above us in this parking lot or these condominiums here, moving very slowly, maybe 3, 4, 5 miles per hour, so it was in hover - search and hover...”

That's the statement that witness made that I’m saying cannot be accurate, that's all.
I'm in the flight path of medical helicopters and what the person in the video described is what you would hear from a helicopter arcing around your location in a change of direction. You know when it’s low. There's a distinct pressure wave you can feel as well as hear. What the person in the video is describing is consistent with a low flying helicopter turning and climbing close by. And close can be mile away.
Think of the maneuver from a pilot's point of view when confronted with fog in mountainous terrain. The prudent thing to do is arrest your forward movement and convert that into lift to get above the terrain in front of you. We know the pilot was making a left turn with passengers. He’s not in an air race. He’s going to make the turn as gentle as possible to keep the G force down.