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Originally Posted by glowacks View Post
What? The Lions' only move between cities was in the 30s, from a small town in southern Ohio to Detroit. The town is positively tiny and I had no idea where it even was until a few minutes ago even though I knew that's where the Lions originated. It's not particularly interesting that a team moved out of a very small town to a major city. Lots of teams back then did that.
Yeah ,I know the SDMB skews older, but so many of these franchise shifts are from quite a while ago and the Bears and Lions examples are from a time where thereís really not anyone left alive.

The big 4 sports in North America have been fairly stable as opposed to all the franchise shifts in the 1980s and 1990s. And most of that was driven by the constant lure of Los Angeles for the NFL which didnít have a team despite being one of the largest cities in the USA. So you end up with the Rams moving back and the Chargers solving their stadium situation by piggybacking. On top of that, pro sports admit that gambling exists and can have teams in Las Vegas.
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