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The interaction of individual and team sabermetric measures

Best as I can tell, most of sabermetrics involves putting a value on various statistical measures of players and teams. One issue that occurs to me is that the value of an individual accomplishment can be dependent on what the rest of the team is doing, and can't be assigned a value in a vacuum.

For example, the value of a stolen base will be higher if the team consists of a lot of singles hitters as compared to if the team consists of a lot of low-BA sluggers. Or the relative defensive value of infielders vs outfielders would depend whether the team's pitchers induce more ground balls vs fly balls. And so on for other measures.

Questions that arise are:
  1. Do the WAR and similar measures which apply to individual players adjust for the value of the statistical metrics based on the rest of the team - or at least the situations that the player is in - or are they independent of that?
  2. Do projections of team success which are based on the aggregate of individual measures reflect the interplay between the various individual player measures, or are they independent of that?