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Originally Posted by BeagleJesus View Post
Jordan is often referred to as the greatest player of the modern era (fyi: modern era supposedly started with Magic and Bird and the three point line back in the 79-80 season).

In my opinion Russell is the ONLY legit person you can put up against Jordan in the greatest of all time debate. Of course the argument then becomes modern era vs the previous era...but 11 is hard number to ignore.

I am starting to get entertained by your attempts to try get me to quantify that which cannot be quantified.
Even Celtics fans don't argue Russell was the GOAT. I've seen "greatest winner" tossed around a lot, but few people seriously argue that Russell was the best player of all time.

Winning titles matters when the other factors are close. But it's not the only measure or else we'd be talking about Steve Kerr and Robert Horry too.