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Originally Posted by Omniscient View Post
Even Celtics fans don't argue Russell was the GOAT. I've seen "greatest winner" tossed around a lot, but few people seriously argue that Russell was the best player of all time.

Winning titles matters when the other factors are close. But it's not the only measure or else we'd be talking about Steve Kerr and Robert Horry too.
For the life of this Laker fan I have never been able to understand why you guys don't try to get more mileage out of Russell's 11. If any Laker from any era had 11 rings we would throw an annual parade just to pat ourselves on the back. We would be so much more insufferable than we are now it wouldn't be funny.

I can tell you that LakerNation still hates the fact that Boston:
- Kicked the shit out of West and Baylor throughout the 60s. Jerry West is still mad so we're mad right along with him.
- Kicked the shit out of Kobe and Pau in 08. Yes we got revenge in 2010 but we never had a tie breaker to settle the matter once and for all
- Have 17 total championships while we only have 16

We would hate Bird too but him and Magic seem to be the best of friends so for some strange reason not only does he gets a pass but he gets a shit load of respect and admiration too.

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