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Originally Posted by Charlie Wayne View Post
I know there is a rule against one person having more than one ID or account. But I see considerable confusion. Some people call these socks. But other people seem to think that socks only refer to people who bring two or more accounts online at the same time and appear to talk with each other - usually to quarrel with each other or to applaud each other. In this case, some people call these "sock puppets" because one person controls what each ID posts. It's like a person having a hand up the back of a puppet and then speaking while they appear to be a different ID.

But I've never seen any explanation as to why there is such a fear of multiple IDs. I'm not suggesting they should be permitted. But it seems like you have such a terrible fear of anyone having multiple IDs. May I ask why?

I'm curious to know why multiple IDs are considered such an evil. It's as if you consider them to be the very worst thing that anyone can do. It gets them banned immediately. People can make all kinds of insults and just get a warning. Why are multiple IDs so much worse? What harm do they do?

What argument could you make for allowing multiple IDs and the ensuing benefits?

Originally Posted by Charlie Wayne View Post
By the way, some people think that "sock" refers to a sock puppet. But as I understand, it is short for "socket" which what an Internet connection is called.
"Some people"!?
Apparently, (almost) all people agree that it refers to a sock puppet as used in it's earliest known usage by Dana Rollins (July 9, 1993).
If you have another theory as to the term's origin, please provide a cite.

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